Worksite Voluntary Insurance Program


Insurance Benefits Assessment Services

We will work closely with the client gathering information to understand their current benefit package. In this process we do a great amount of listening and learning. Our objective is to enhance the employers benefit package with no additional employer dollars.


Traditionally, employer-sponsored benefits were the main concern in a benefits program. However, with the rising cost of health care and scaling back of coverage the employer’s dollars going towards this benefit are becoming less valued each year by employees. Voluntary benefits are becoming more widely used to enhance the overall benefit package.


It is critical that the entire benefit package including core and voluntary work together and do not overlap creating excess premium for duplicated coverage.


We will assist you through this process with simple to understand methods.



Insurance Benefit Communication Services

Without proper communication of employee benefits the value of the Insurance Program is not recognized by employees. We will design and implement the appropriate communication method for each employer to maximize the dollars invested into the Core Program. It is our goal to create a non-threatening approach where employees will feel comfortable gathering information on their benefit package.


Key points to consider in this process

  • Employer’s benefit philosophy
  • Current core benefit package
  • Benefits budget
  • Cost sharing with employees
  • Employee perception of current package
  • Addressing needs to fill gaps in package
  • Strategies to implement improvements
  • Build good will... Helps to attract and retain quality employees